• Great Pyramid of Cholula
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    Great Pyramid of Cholula
    The symbol of Cholula
  • What visit in Cholula?
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    What visit in Cholula?
    You can't leave Cholula without...
  • Cholula Archaeological Zone
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    Cholula Archaeological Zone
    Ancient history
  • What are the magical towns?
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    What are the magical towns?
    Cholula, magical town
  • Virtual Cholula
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    Virtual Cholula
    Virtual Tour of the Great Pyramid developed by the FCAS

Cholula, one of Mexico's Magic Towns, is a wonderful city that combines history, magic, tradition, religion and arqueology. It is regarded as the oldest living city in America, its founding dates back to 500 BC and stands out as having the world's largest pyramid in base, and one of the largest portals in Latin America. The Legend says that Cholula had 365 churches.
Located in the center-west state of Puebla at an altitude of 1,367 miles above sea level. It has an area of 51.03 square kilometers and has a population of approximately 100,000 inhabitants.

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