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A magical place

It is located 8 km, to the west of Puebla, on a height of 2.146 mts, over the sea level, in front of the beautiful landscape of the eternally snow-white volcanoes Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl.
What is the fabulous thing here?
The greatest active volcano of the world, the Popocatepetl. This means “the mountain that smokes”, this volcano covered by snow, has made eruption seven times in the last 20.000 years. Nowadays, the smoke column extends by kilometers and when it throws red rocks fused by crater, it creates a dramatic and unforgettable landscape. 
An enormous complex of temples seats and pyramids. Constructed in several stages over the last 600 years, with infinity of tunnels that the visitors can visit and where the archaeologists even today continue excavating to study this site so significantly religious.
The beautiful churches. Only in the main seat, is the Convent of San Gabriel of the 16th century, which gives step to other three but equally magnificent: The Franciscan church, of San Gabriel, where someday was located the temple to Quetzalcoatl, the Chapel of the Third Order, and the Real Chapel, a church with 49 domes that evoke to an Arab mosque. By the other side of the seat is the Parish of San Pedro, with a great vestibule of 46 arcs maintained by Doric columns.
The University of the Americas (UDLA) is located here; strolls can be taken from this institution of high learning modeled by the Universities of Oxford and Harvard.
The Colorful and hurried market that opens daily (although the days of greater sale are Wednesdays and Sundays) since people of the towns next to the city meet. The market offers all the varieties of flowers, fruits, vegetables, etc. that are produced in the area. Also you will be able to see local crafts and taste delicious meals that are prepared on the spot.

Religious celebrations are carried out almost all the year, including the Equinox of March 21st, when people meet in the pyramids. The concert of bells in which all the churches in the city participate in a very beautiful melody with the lights turned off. The annual fair of Cholula is a sample of the folklore and the form of life of the people of this area, including the food that you can eat and the music that is played, this happens during the first two weeks of September, culminating the day of the independence of Mexico. The best opportunities to taste the local food and the drinks are in these fairs. For example in the annual fair of the Bread, an enormous brick furnace, is constructed in the main seat in where the bakers of Cholula and its surrounding towns make demonstrations of the traditional form to make the bread – As much as 150 types of bread are exhibited and they are bought.
How to get here
For your comfort there is a considerable amount of taxis, diverse lines of transport, trucks and rent of cars are available. If your destiny is Puebla (15 minutes away) you can find various transportation options, otherwise you will be able to realize that you can get anywhere on foot.