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You can't leave Cholula without...

What can you do? 
We are glad of your visit, the city offers an interesting range of actvidades for any age and taste: 

1 .- Visit the city center 
You can start your tour, with a breakfast at the gates of our city, in one of the exquisite restaurants where you can taste typical foodor if you want, in a more traditional mood as our"Cosme del Razo"market , located at one block from portal 

You can visit the parish of San "Pedro", the "Caballero Águila" , the " Real de naturales" chapel, the municipal council murals and the Franciscan convent of San Gabriel, all located in the first frame of the city 

You can complete the tour with a ride on the tram that goes of the square of the city and makes very interesting landscapes throughout the San Pedro and San Andres area(times and costs are found in the office located at the parking place of the tram ) 

2 .- Archaeological Zone 
The archaeological area of ??the city, is locatedat three blocks from the city, its route takes about one hour and a half and start with a visit to the museum and then the wonderful tour of all the archaeological ruins, its wall drinkers and grasshoppers are sometimes open to the public, so it is wise to ask your guide if you can visit , will be a fascinating experience.

Hours of operation are 9 am to 4 pm, for more information contact the Tourist Office at tel (222) 261 23 93 

Visit the churches of Santa Maria and San Francisco Tonanzintla Acatepec is an activity that can not fail to perform. 

Mexican baroque style and wood finish and gold leaves make these, an architectural treasures of invaluable quality and beauty 

It is 10 minutes from the city and to get there you need a ride, either by car or bus service are available