Getting Cholula

From Mexico City Airport to Puebla
Information according to Mexico City International Airport’ Web site:
Land transportation. Mexico City International Airport
Terminal 1:  +(52 55) 24-82-24-24 and 24- 82-24-00
Go to Aerobus Ticket office in Terminal 1 or Terminal 2 in Mexico City International Airport

Arriving at Terminal 1, land terminal is located in front of the international area vehicular ramp.
Arriving at Terminal 2, land terminal is located at gate D, between entrance 4 and the national arrival passenger exit.
Go to “Estrella Roja” Bus Line
Buy a ticket to Puebla “Terminal 4 Poniente” (4 Pte)
Distance: Mexico City - Puebla: 133 km
Travel duration: 2 hours
Cost (one way): MEX $ 194.00 (USD $ 17.00)
From Puebla to Cholula
Distance Puebla - Cholula: 14 Km
Travel duration: 20 min
At “Terminal 4 Poniente” Puebla, you have two options: taxi or bus
1) The taxi is available at “Terminal 4 Poniente” or “Terminal CAPU”
Estimated Cost (one way): MEX $ 100.00 (USD $ 9.00)
2) To take the bus you need to walk to “Terminal 6 Poniente”, next to “Terminal 4 Poniente”
Buy a ticket “Directo a Cholula” (direct to Cholula)
Cost (one way): MEX $ 5.00 (USD $ 0.50)
From Puebla to Mexico City Airport
Go to “Terminal 4 Poniente” (4 Pte) or "Terminal CAPU"
Go to “Estrella Roja” Bus Line and look for the Airport Express counter
Buy a ticket to Mexico City International Airport
Distance: Puebla - Mexico City: 133 km
Travel duration: 2 hours
Estimated Cost (one way): MEX $ 194.00 (USD $17.00)